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Sugar Cookies!

Posted by: Michelle Kaiser
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Sugar Cookies, Omaha Bakery, Michelle Kaiser,

Crunchy, Soft, Sweet Hand-Me-Downs

Sugar Cookies, Omaha Bakery, Michelle Kaiser, I think most people have a typical experience when it comes to frosted sugar cookies – especially when purchased from a store. The store cookie usually a thick, fluffy cookie that doesn’t possess much flavor or sweetness and the cookie is frosted with a very thick, creamy, overly sweet frosting. It’s a pairing that is often short on flavor, big on sugar overload.

My cookies are sweet too, but they’re balanced.

The sugar cookies we serve at The Omaha Bakery is a recipe handed down from my great-grandmother, exactly like she used to make. Our frosting is my grandmother’s recipe, so with our cookies, you get the best of three generations of bakers.

You’re probably wondering what makes our frosted sugar cookies better than the ones you can get at the store. Let me tell you. My great-grandmother created a sugar cookie that is crunchy on the outer edge and soft in the center with a light almond flavor. The cookie dough is made with butter and oil as well as sugar and powdered sugar. These differences make our cookies have that something special that’s been handed down from my great grandma. It’s love at first bite.

As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a better sugar cookie out there.

One of my best memories from my childhood involves sugar cookies. My grandma in Salina, Kansas would make sugar cookies every year at Christmas. When the whole family got together, there were 22 of us grandkids. Grandma would have the sugar cookies rolled and pre-cut and all 22 of us kids would gather together and decorate them with homemade glazes. We would eat some of them on Christmas day and the rest would be divided onto trays with other baked goods for each family to take home.

Next time you’re on a mission to get frosted sugar cookies, I promise, it’ll be worth your while to get them from The Omaha Bakery. They’re no longer a cookie, they’re an experience and a throwback to quality.

Author: Michelle Kaiser

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