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Omaha’s Best Bakery!

Posted by: Michelle Kaiser
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Omaha’s Best Bakery is the Omaha Bakery!

You’re the best! You took the time to vote for us and because of you we’ve been named Best of Omaha!

We believe that you love what we do because we love what we do. Baking has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. I have a real love and passion for creating delicious baked goods and there is nothing better than seeing all of you enjoy that labor of love.

The support you have shown The Omaha Bakery has been overwhelming and so appreciated. We enjoy seeing you when you come in for a coffee meeting, when you’re enjoying lunch with friends and co-workers, and when you’re attending a lunch & learn in support of a local nonprofit. We appreciate you for the many people you send our way, trusting us to take great care of those weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries of your friends and loved ones. We are committed to unwavering quality and taste, so that every time you walk through our doors you feel at home. Every time you walk through we want you to experience Omaha’s Best Bakery.

Holidays Treats & Pie Orders

As the holidays approach and we prepare for another new year, we hope you’ll think of us for cookie trays to share at the office, cinnamon rolls for those busy mornings, and pies to grace your tables as you gather with your families. When you’re out and about shopping and running errands, stop in for soup and a sandwich. Our hope is that when you spend time at The Omaha Bakery, you feel at ease, and when you leave you feel recharged. We not only want to nourish your body, we want to nourish your soul.

I’m approaching this season of Thanksgiving with so much gratitude in my soul for all of you who support us and for the blessing to do what I love every day.

~ Michelle Kaiser

Author: Michelle Kaiser

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