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Keto Products Expand at The Omaha Bakery

Keto Products Expand at The Omaha Bakery

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Omaha KETO donuts

KETO products are expanding at The Omaha Bakery! There aren’t enough good, convenient, low-carb foods in the Omaha market today, and we thought something should be done about that. The Omaha Bakery makes ultra-low carb, tasty, convenient, healthy, affordable keto foods, including replacements or keto-alternatives to everything you had to throw out of your pantry when you started your keto journey.

Michelle Kaiser, the founder of The Omaha Bakery, has been following a ketogenic diet since August of 2018 to manage chronic pain. To date Michelle has lost over 100 bs after going keto and has been pain free for 12 months. Keto is now a lifestyle change for Michelle and she wants to make sure the ketogenic diet is as easy, low-sacrifice, and delicious as possible for everyone living in the Omaha & Council Bluffs metro areas. And, because our products are made by keto people, for keto people, you’ll never see a complicated list of ingredients, sugars, fillers or hidden starches.

All of our KETO products at the Omaha Bakery are designed according to our four guiding principles: Nutrition, Convenience, Taste, and Affordability. It’s important that every consumer trusts the ingredients The Omaha Bakery has used in the production of their sweet treats.

Nutrition. Most every product The Omaha Bakery makes contains less than 1.5 grams net carbs per 100 calories. Unlike most bakeries in Omaha , we start from the nutrition and work backwards. The difference is remarkable.

Convenience. Our foods are designed to fit a busy lifestyle, can be made in a pinch, and easy to store. We offer call ahead service or you can stop by the bakery and grab one of our grab and go packs! The Omaha Bakery is also offering prepared keto meals for the busy consumer.

Taste. If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t want to eat it. Our chef-inspired recipes use only the highest-quality ingredients, are thoroughly tested, and constantly improved upon. The result is pure deliciousness. If it doesn’t taste like a donut, it’s not a donut! The Omaha Bakery recently rolled out their line of KETO donuts and they’ve been a hit!

Affordability. We make a variety of foods at a variety of prices, and while our products are often more expensive than the high-carb alternatives, we’re always working to make our products more affordable. It’s important for the consumer to know that the low carb ingredients are often significantly more expensive. Despite the higher production costs, we do everything we can to make sure that no one is priced out of eating well.

Our Omaha KETO Team

Many of our team members also live a healthy KETO lifestyle. They understand, better than anyone, the need for healthy and delicious bakery offerings. As we continue to grow in the Omaha area, we will continue to get better, be more creative, expand our online menu and begin shipping our KETO products throughout the country.

The Omaha Bakery now offers more than 45 KETO products to the Omaha metro area. We encourage you to stop by and tell us your story.

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice enjoyment to treat your body well. It’s going to be quite the journey – we hope you’ll join us on the ride!

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