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Keto-friendly pizza dough? The Omaha Bakery launches KETO pizza dough!

Keto-friendly pizza dough? The Omaha Bakery launches KETO pizza dough!

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keto pizza omaha

(OMAHA) 10 Jan 2020 — Omaha-based bakery has launched a new pizza dough to appeal to keto dieters and those living a keto lifestyle. The “Kedough” has been in a testing phase for months. It was tested with Omaha area KETO dieters, Copps Pizza, and their in-house bakers. The pizza dough boasts a low carb pizza dough option for those living a KETO lifestyle. The move is the latest in recent months at the Omaha Bakery to provide consumers with low-carb & KETO options.

keto pizza omaha

Low-carb diets peaked in the early 2000s and then saw a radical decline, but the ketogenic lifestyle is on the rise. It is widely reported that the ketogenic diet is one of the fastest-growing movements in American food and lifestyle. According to a recent study, six percent of consumers are reporting that they follow a keto diet, according to the 2019 Food and Health Survey.

KETO Pizza Dough Joins 70 + Offerings

The Omaha Bakery currently sells over 70 different keto options in their bakery, including the wildly popular Oneda Bread. Michell Kaiser doesn’t have any plans to sell the pizza dough directly to the consumer in the near future. “We hope keto dieters can enjoy a great KETO pizza at local establishments like Copps Pizza. Consumers shouldn’t need to sacrifice their favorite foods even if some are living a keto lifestyle and watching their carb intake,” notes Michell Kaiser, founder of The Omaha Bakery.

“The KETO CRUST is better than Fattyhead in Kansas City!”

We partnered with Copps Pizza to provide uncompromising options for Omahans who crave a keto pizza option,” says Kaiser. “With the recent KETO SUMMIT in Omaha, our community is ready for our keto pizza dough and we look forward to bringing keto safe products directly to consumers. The bakery will distribute their keto pizza dough through pizza restaurants nationally as well.”

Pizza restaurants are demonstrating the need to tailor products to the dietary demands of the consumer and The Omaha Bakery is responding to those needs.

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