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KETO Cakes in Omaha

KETO Cakes in Omaha

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KETO Cakes in Omaha Growing in Popularity!

There once was a time, wherein a guest to a wedding would expect to be served a traditional white cake or a chocolate cake.  If it were a fancy affair, one may be surprised to find a fruit filling inside the cake.  If there was anyone in attendance with a food allergy or dietary restriction, cake may not have been on their plate  The decoration of the aforementioned cakes would be standard fare, with one wedding’s desserts fading into the memory of another wedding’s desserts, and so on and so forth. 

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It is a surprise to many of my clients, that the days of mediocrity in terms of flavor and design are long gone, and a new era of customization is upon us.  To put it simply, there has never been a better time to order a cake for your wedding.

This is an age of absolute customization.  Both in design and flavor.  For design, the materials designers such as myself have to work with is unprecedented.  If you can dream it, we can create it. 

When it comes to the actual cake itself, our options are seemingly ‘legion’.  In terms of dietary restrictions due to allergies, we are ready to accommodate orders.  Whether the issue is dairy, gluten, sugar, or nuts, we have the product available to satisfy all of our clients.  From a single gluten-free cupcake for the Maid of Honor with an allergy to enjoy to an entire tiered bridal cake that falls within the restrictions of a Keto diet.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  An entire tiered bridal cake is now available with almost no carbs per serving. 

When you’re researching desserts for your wedding, don’t let the thought of dietary restrictions dissuade you from choosing cake as your option.  Whether in large scale, or individual portions, there’s a way to accommodate everyone at your reception and to make their night a little sweeter.

The Omaha Bakery launched its #KETO line of desserts in August of 2018. We now ship bread, baked goods, and brownies throughout the country. Although we can’t ship keto cake, we can design a keto cake of your dreams.

Whether you are getting married in the near future or simply want to splurge on a slice of white wedding cake, the Omaha Bakery can take care of you. Yes, KETO cakes in Omaha are a real thing thanks to the Omaha Bakery.

Please call the bakery directly if you would like to schedule a KETO wedding cake tasting in the near future.

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