Brownies & Bars

brownieYou can purchase our brownies individually or by the dozen. If a brownie tray isn’t right for the occasion we can do gift baskets as well. The brownies in our baskets are individually wrapped.

Call us to get prices on our baskets we have a variety of different sizes to fit the right budget.

Non-Chocolate Bars

  • Key Lime Coconut Bars – lime bar with coconut on a butter crust.
  • Lemon Bars – that will pucker you up these bars take 12 lemons just to make a dozen bars a 4x the filling lemon bar this is better than any lemon bar you may have experienced.
  • Walnut Bars – are caramelized walnuts on a butter crust sweetened with honey these taste similar to pecan pie with walnuts instead of pecans.

Our Variety of brownies does change with seasons but we do keep the most popular brownies year round.

Plain Jane – a rich dark chocolate brownie with chocolate chunks.

Candy Bar Brownie – a chocolate brownie with chocolate ganache topped with different varieties of candy bars like snickers, heath, butterfinger Chocolate.

Creme de Mint Brownie – a chocolate brownie with a slight burst of mint and topped with chocolate ganache and a peppermint patty candy.

Zebra Brownies – a rich creamy cheesecake brownie.

Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Brownie – topped with chocolate ganache.

Turtle Pecan Brownies – rich fudgy brownies topped with ganache, pecans, chocolate chunks, caramel, and more ganache.

Magic bar – otherwise known as a 7 layer bar we have developed this one to perfection, an oreo crust, a ton of coconut, chocolate chips walnuts and sweetened milk.

Custom Designed Dessert Bars

Custom designed for you and your special day.

Includes an assortment of Mini Pastries, Mini Mousse Tartlets, Mini Coconut Macaroons, Bars, Cheesecakes, Brownies, Bread Puddings and Canolies.

Each dessert bar is uniquely designed and customized to meet your special event needs.