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Bread. I Love It.

Bread. I Love It.

Posted by: Jess
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Keto Bread

By Jess Kaiser

My Love for Bread starts here. The Omaha Bakery is our family business and Keto is a fairly new experience for me.  My wife, Michelle Kaiser, has been pushing us to live a healthier lifestyle.  Ketogenic is that dietary life.  We began this journey about two years ago and in the process have lost over a hundred and seventy pounds between the two of us.  Keto works!  Just imagine, we own and run a bakery and cannot eat most of our products due to their carbohydrate and sugar ingredients.

Keto is the reduction of carbohydrates from the diet. Normal intake of carbohydrates averages around 225 to 325 grams per day. Keto reduces that to around 50 grams or less.  To achieve ketosis, a person needs to shift their metabolism to feed the body on ketones instead of sugars that are produced from their carbohydrate-heavy diet. Once the body is powered by ketones, the body begins feeding off the stored fat in the body thus resulting in a significant loss of weight that can be very quick.

My Story Is About Bread

The Omaha Bakery bakes bread. It has been a product that we have been making since we opened. Amish White, Honey Oat Wheat, Challah Twist, Pumpernickel Rye Twist just to name a few.  All these products are fine, tasty, and freshly baked at our Bakery. But, for someone on Keto, not an option.

Happily, through hard work, experimentation, trial and error, the Omaha Bakery has produced a new kind of bread.  OneDa bread, named this since it has about one gram of carbohydrates per slice.  This bread has been a real hit amongst our Keto diet customers since it means that they can have BREAD again. I forgot just how much I missed being able to simply take some lunch meat and butter and slap it between two slices and have lunch ready to eat. The texture of the bread isn’t quite the same as regular bread, and there is definitely a chewiness that is not the same. But for being on Keto, it is phenomenal.

Previously, the Omaha Bakery had produced dinner rolls that were Ketogenic, a great dinner roll that had superb texture and flavor.  The main ingredient in these was psyllium husk powder. I always wanted to add a warning label to these that would inform the customers of the possible side effects that could occur if consuming too many rolls! For those who do not know, psyllium husk is the main ingredient in natural fiber supplements and acts as a laxative. 

The Omaha Bakery launched our KETO menu line in August of 2018. We continue to do research and development on new products that will meet our customer’s demands for great tasting, healthy, low carb, Ketogenic friendly baked goods, as well as, the traditional baked goods that you will find at our bakery too. The bakery now regularly stocks over 50 keto menu items every single day.

KETO Pizza Dough

A KETO Pizza We Made at Home with KETO Pizza Dough from The Omaha Bakery

The Omaha Bakery started developing their bread dough into a viable pizza dough product. After several months of development and testing, the Omaha Bakery started producing KETO Pizza Dough for pizza shops, like Copps Pizza Company in Omaha. Now being sold in several states, the Pizza Dough has given those on a ketogenic lifestyle even more hope! They can enjoy one of their favorite foods while still adhering to the principles of the keto diet. The Omaha Bakery now sells KETO pizza dough to the general public. This is a great take & bake option that puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. They can bake a pizza at home with whatever toppings they prefer.

Bread in whatever form it is, has always been my weakness. I’m grateful to now have the option to eat KETO cinnamon rolls, bread, sandwiches, and yes….even pizza without the carbs. I encourage you to check out The Omaha Bakery at 608 S. 72nd Street, in Omaha to try out our friendly service and wonderful products for yourself.

Did I mention I love bread? Keto bread that is.

Author: Jess

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